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Joined One Stop for Writers which will explain any lack of activity here for some time. Not that I have been that active anyway - enjoying many good books. May not already have mentioned, but I am enrolled in the Diploma of Creative Writing at the University of Adelaide - course starts on the 27th.

"Earning Purple" is an analogy of the life of this bipolar person - not as memoir but as fantasy tale echoing my lived experience. Too short to publish as a separate book, but should you care for a pdf copy, just ask by commenting here with your email address and I will post to you as an attachment.

Pondering Life Changes Resulting now in this Question

Why Do I Write?

Talent? If so, it is a talent I failed to recognise within myself even when others saw something worth a mention.

The freedom to pour streams of thought on paper stopped when told to have mercy on the teacher's time in mar...

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Back in Author Mode:
For a while I have been stymied as to how to proceed with my next novel. Also known as having 'Writer's Block'.
Now resolved, I can get on with the uncovering of the characters and events already plotted.
The 'Block' turned out to be a delightful concept I wanted to weave in...

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SELF SOWN: This what comes of feeding spotted doves. I suspect they may know it as a few have been visiting in the hope of again being fed.
I am twping this post on my new (but second-hand) toy - NEO2 by AlphaSmart. This enables me to sit out here on the patio and type wit...

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A good walk home with plants to fill huge pot now the agave shortened and placed in another.

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